Elemental Analysis

We use a CARL ZEISS EVO MA15 microscope with an OXFORD X-MaxN x-ray analyser.

Particle analysis in our SEM is easier, faster, and more accurate, with an innovative particle analysis system developed in-house specifically optimised for usability and high-speed turnover. It combines the raw speed and sensitivity of the X-MaxN Silicon Drift Detector with the superior analytical performance and ease of use of the EDS analysis suite to create the most advanced automated particle analysis available.

Using a guided workflow and intelligent algorithms, we can characterise thousands of particles that may be present over large sample areas. Reports on particle position, morphology and chemical composition are automatically produced moments later.

Why should you use an SEM for analysis instead of other methods?

Features SEM PLM
Magnification Up to 300,000x 1000x
Electron images and elemental composition Topographic High resolution pictures No
Automated analysis Fully Automated No
  • More accurate and precise results
  • No sample preparation required (samples taken directly on to carbon pads)
  • Quicker turnaround on samples
  • Gives elemental composition of particles
  • Detailed high resolution Topographic pictures

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